Procedural Building Generator

For my final project at the BCIT Tech Arts program, I decided to create a procedural building generator, based on the Wave Function Collapse algorithm from Maxim Gumin here and the one made by Marian42 here. The idea was to be able to generate the adjacency information from premade pieces and then being able to […]

Vehicle Autorigger Tool

This tool was made as a team project for the Tech Arts course at BCIT. The tool allows for easy rigging of heavy-duty vehicles that have mechanical arms and/or treads. It creates the controllers for easy movement of the whole vehicle and the arms separately using IK. It also uses some expressions to animate the […]

3D Stuffs

During my time at VFS I had some 3D modeling classes in which I discovered that I really prefer modeling hard surfaces rather organic stuff and I enjoyed using substance painter a lot.


Final Project at VFS


Midterm Project at VFS


VFS Game Jam


Global Game Jam 2018

The Unsound

Global Game Jam 2017