Jet rabbit is a 3D endless runner game for mobile where the player has to avoid crashing with obstacles while falling trough an spaceship suction beam.

This was our first full game on the game design course at VFS. I was part of a team of 4 people having the role of general programmer. We had two months to finish this game on our own on top of classes which made it challenging because we only had weekly meetings with our teachers to discuss progress and then left for ourselves to organize and distribute our time.

We wanted to do something simple that had a lot of replay value so we decided going with an infinite game that calculated your score depending on the distance you traveled and various multipliers we applied to the game like breaking obstacles or going trough reduced spaces and near misses. The game would increase difficulty slowly by getting faster and having bigger obstacles thrown at the player. To be able to modify this difficulty setting and calculate how long on average we wanted a single playthrough to last, I sat down with the level designer and made a special tool that allowed the creation of different patterns that would come at the player and changeable sized depending on random values or a difficulty setting.

Another challenge we faced during development was that we wanted our game to run on mobile so we went for low poly style for our 3D models and on my side I optimized all the obstacles to be reused with an object pooling system. In the end it worked out really well and we had extra performance to add some simple post processing to the game.